Composer Gary Marlowe working on the movie "Everything Will Change", featuring Wim Wenders, in the summer of 2020



A musical storyteller, who became known for his unusual combinations of Electronica and Orchestra, the award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Gary Marlowe works primarily for films. 

His latest works are Spanish Oscars candidate “Planeta 5000”, “Tatort: Der Welten Lohn” (audience more than 10 Million viewers), and the Science Fiction feature “Everything Will Change” (featuring Wim Wenders; winner Max Ophüls Preis 2022).

Among his recent recognitions are a nomination for Best Music at the 6th German Documentary Film Music Awards 2018, and a nomination for the renowned Grimme Preis 2019.“Tatort: Für immer und Dich” won the German Television Movie Award 2019. In 2020, Marlowe was nominated for Best Music at the Crystal Pine Awards, with his score for “Alcohol”, and “Planeta 5000” won the Premios Simón in Spain.

Marlowe began playing piano at four, shared the stage with Iggy Pop and The Ramones, became a No.1 hit songwriter, and an award-winning producer. Following studies in Ethnomusicology in Berlin, he studied Composition for Film in Siena, Italy, with Oscar winners Luis Bacalov and Nicola Piovani, winning the Emma Contestabile Award in his final year. 

More awards include five nominations at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2012), and at the Max Ophüls Preis (2017).

Marlowe leads his own band, Gary Marlowe and the Lotus Thieves, and plays concerts.

He also develops music installations, with international exhibitions including the Biennale di Venezia.

In 2018, Gary Marlowe officially received the title “Steinway Artist”.

Marlowe is lecturing as a docent in various academies, such as the SAE Institute. He is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus, a member of the World Soundtrack Academy, and the European Film Academy.

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